Table 2014

Beautiful Ash table!



Heavy rustic beauty!

Rethink. Reclaim. Reuse. - Ray


What a lovely chair!

Cabin fever…

We’ve all experienced some serious cabin fever this winter. Although it has warmed up and Spring has been teasing us in the worst way. We’re all anticipating the “cross our fingers” hot hot summer and with hot hot summers bring us out into the modern wilderness.

Heading out to the cabin which is all together a different type of “cabin fever”! This post is about a little rustic table that has been simplified to modernize our beloved trestle table. http://www.woodanchor.com/reclaimed-timber-tables Not that we needed to but we felt that it could use a partner, a little brother/sister. 

Details below:

84” x 36” Modern Trestle Table built from reclaimed Fir, stain option, finished with OSMO Hardwax Polyx Oil.

Perfect for the the summer cabin!

Rethink. Reclaim. Reuse. - Ray

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S P R A Y…

A finishing moment captured in time. Kind of looks glamorously cool but in reality probably not.

Rethink. Reclaim. Reuse - Ray

You CAN do it…

One of our customers recently sent me these photos of a staircase he built on his own. As you can see he has a double stringer with open risers. He gave us the drawings and the details and we provided him with the reclaimed Fir cut to his list. The reclaimed Fir I believe was from a Hamiota Manitoba grain elevator years back.

We also routered the plate mount ares so the tread plates would be flush with the underside. 

I love how he used the glass lending that open space feeling without having to a go against building regulations/restreictions.

It looks like he added some lighting to the underside accentuating the staircase.

We love seeing people learning and using wood in the projects! Looks fantastic Scott! Job well done!

Rethink. Reclaim. Reuse. - Ray

Snapped this pic of a beautiful salvaged Oak tree we are acquiring! 200 + years old. Sad to it had to come down but stoked to know we can build something beautiful with it! #salvagedmanitobaoak #reclaimedtrees

Also most done unloading 20 foot salvaged Manitoba Oak logs! Time to fire up the sawmill! #salvagedmanitobaoak #thinkglobalbuylocal #reclaimedlumber (at Wood Anchor, 3375 Waverley Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Reclaimed Elm modern round side table. #woodanchor #modernwoodfurniture #woodsidetables (at Wood Anchor, 3375 Waverley Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Plank Position, Hold…

This reclaimed Fir table was a fun table to build for the crew in the shop. The beefed up “architectural” leg structure helps solidify its enormous stature! It kind of looks like a person holding a table top on their back. Kind of…


  • 10’ x 4’ x 2” reclaimed Fir table, with custom leg structure, dark stained, finished with OSMO Hardwax Polyx Oil.

Rethink. Reclaim. Reuse. - Ray

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